Sunny Days

There is no such thing as too many sunglasses 😊 Day out with the munchkin ❤️#instadaily #instamom #instababy #fashionblog #mommyblogger #mom #microfashion #fashion #zara #promod #summer #comfyclothes #twoyearold #toddlerfashion #toddler #picoftheday #photooftheday #beautiful A post shared by Ankita Raj 💐 (@momtoamunchkin) on May 21, 2017 at 10:44pm PDT Continue reading Sunny Days

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Ten books you should read to your one-year-old

  “You can find magic wherever you look, all you need is a book in your hand” Reading is the best thing for a child’s brain it makes them creative, inquisitive, enhances their vocabulary, improves concentration, enhances the attention span and most of all takes their imagination to another level. Reading a book for my little has been my favorite activity, I really look forward … Continue reading Ten books you should read to your one-year-old

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Do babies need toys???

Definitely one of the most debated topics on a number of parenting forums, honestly I always thought toys are made only for kids so why not, after all it’s so much fun. I have done my share of research on whether kid needs toys or no? Everyone has a different opinion, some truly believe that toys will make kids materialistic, reduce their attention span, limit … Continue reading Do babies need toys???

Walk on the grass baby !!!

  Another road trip with the little one (16 months old), very non adventurous one in terms of meltdowns :). She was much more prepared and so was mommy, we got her very excited for the car ride and promised her that we can spot a number of red buses (current favorite) on the way.  She enjoyed the trip thoroughly, playing on the grass, the swimming … Continue reading Walk on the grass baby !!!

My toddler’s love for books

I have always loved reading books fiction, non fiction, autobiographies, travelogues anything and everything. I wanted to share the joy of reading books with my little one as well :). I started showing her cloth /rag books from very early on, i guess she was four months old. Initially it was just another toy for her which had colors, shapes and patterns but she simply … Continue reading My toddler’s love for books

Holiday with a 9 month old honey bun

I had been conveniently pushing any holiday plans since my little one’s birth. Of course holidays are not on your agenda for the first three months after the baby is born, there are tons of other things to deal with !!! Once Mahira turned 7 months we started discussing about holidays,Yup life starts getting back on track once the baby is 6 months old :P.There … Continue reading Holiday with a 9 month old honey bun

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Arghhh! My baby doesn’t play with toys!!!

My little one doesn’t play with toys, as in those toys which I buy for her from these super swanky toy stores!!!  Oh wait may be everything is a toy for a 9 month old :). It happens very rarely that the store brought toy is able to hold her attention for more than 10 minutes. She has just started showing interest in “playing” and most … Continue reading Arghhh! My baby doesn’t play with toys!!!